NCTC Closes in on Offering MVNO Member Program

NCTC, the National Content & Technology Cooperative, representing 700+ independent communications service providers who connect one-third of North American and U.S. Territory households and businesses to the world, today announced it is closing in on a first-of-its-kind set of partner agreements to deliver new MVNO cellular services to members.

It expects members to be ready to launch these customer bundled discount services by Q4. In order to deliver seamless, branded billing, tiered bundle discounts with broadband, and mobile device sales and services, multiple suppliers will be incorporated into one program that is invisible to member subscribers. These agreements, together, will deliver significant discounts off national rates along with multiple plans and cost savings, while allowing members to retain their own brand.

Mobile services are important to NCTC’s members, which also provide broadband and video to 40+ million end-users in North America and the US Territories. As wireless services continue to evolve and see widespread adoption, the new MVNO deal will help NCTC’s members drive revenue and remain competitive, while delivering a plethora of new options for their savvy consumers.

NCTC members who participate as an MVNO will have flexibility in the software and hardware they utilize, helping them tailor services based on their requirements and meet consumer demand for more choice.

“Mobile is increasingly crucial to many of our members who are seeking more options to meet the unique needs of their customers,” said Jared Baumann, VP of Technology Innovation at NCTC. “Like other benefits of NCTC membership, our new MVNO agreements will harness our collective buying power to drive value and ease of entry for members of all sizes. Now that NCTC is firmly in the mobile game, we can benefit operators and end-users across the country by offering the most competitive deals for high-quality services.”

By being part of NCTC, its members receive access to volume-based discounts that can be passed down to customers. Under the MVNO agreements, operators will be able to bundle MVNO services with broadband and other options, enabling them to provide unbeatable value.

“Success in today’s complex and competitive market hinges on collaboration,” continued Baumann. “Our new MVNO agreements align perfectly with the other group-based savings members already receive. Based on this, operators will be able to offer innovative new bundles and service offerings to their customers.”

NCTC’s commitment to offering MVNO services was announced in person at The Independent Show 2022. During the show, the association also announced its new name as the National Content & Technology Cooperative, along with a new logo and vision that included commitments to innovations for content providers, broadband providers and suppliers.

Also featured at The Independent Show was the association’s Connectivity Exchange, which brings all of NCTC’s member organizations onto one platform, where they can pursue broadband projects with national brands or largescale RFPs for last-mile delivery.