Accedo Partners with New Relic to Power Advanced Video Services with new Data Solution

Stockholm, Sweden, 6th February 2024 – Global video solutions provider, Accedo, has partnered with New Relic, the all-in-one observability platform for every engineer, to launch Accedo Insights. Available as a managed service, Accedo Insights is a powerful solution that provides video services with performance and operational insights through real-time monitoring and advanced analytics.

The Accedo solution helps over-the-top (OTT) video service providers monitor their tech stack and measures performance by examining key components of the provider’s infrastructure, end-user applications operations, and video performance. By utilizing the New Relic all-in-one observability platform, the solution provides insights into key metrics such as host process monitoring, host resource monitoring, transaction and load times, and connection buffering ratio, so the technical and operational teams can quickly identify and troubleshoot any issues that might affect the service.

Having a data-driven video service operations strategy enables video service providers to resolve issues before they impact end-users. With this solution OTT video service providers around the globe now have access to a flexible quality of service (​​QoS) monitoring and analytics tool. Users can gain real-time visibility into service performance issues with automated alerts, a comprehensive customer analytics dashboard, and 24/7 access to the Accedo support team. At the same time service insights track and analyze API response times, client latency, video metrics, crash logging, and other KPIs to ensure video services are running smoothly.

The combined solution is able to ensure service health, find and fix issues faster, focus on service continuity and performance, as well as drive end-user engagement and loyalty. It also enables sustainability, optimizing the entire service chain by identifying traffic bottlenecks and helping reduce the consumption and overutilization of computing, CDN, and other resources.

Michael Lantz, CEO, Accedo, commented: “Over the years, Accedo has offered customers support and data-led guidance on how to optimize and grow their video services. We are now bringing this accumulated expertise to the market, enabling customers to maintain high availability and performance, achieve operational efficiency, and deliver an exceptional user experience, regardless of which tech stack they have built for their video service. With a leading observability partner like New Relic, we have created a tailored offering for all relevant video service use cases.”

Chris McCarthy, Industry Solutions Lead, GM M&E,,  New Relic, added: “Customers expect a smooth viewing experience whether they’re logging in to watch a live event like the Super Bowl or a new movie. For today’s video service providers, success depends on the customer experience and having the right technology to power it. By combining the end-to-end video experience expertise of Accedo with the power of full-stack observability from New Relic, we’re able to offer video service providers streamlined access to the data and insights needed to help these providers and their teams optimize and improve their offering, so they can deliver the best video experiences for their viewers.”

The solution is now available regardless of the technology stack and has no dependence on any other Accedo solutions. For more information about the new solution, get in touch with Accedo, and to learn about New Relic for media and entertainment providers, visit its webpage.

About Accedo

Accedo is a global video solutions provider, powering some of the world’s most impactful video-centric experiences. We reduce the complexity of an ever-evolving video ecosystem, enabling businesses of all shapes and sizes to provide world-class video services to their customers. Through a combination of award-winning products and our deep technical expertise, we empower global industry leaders – such as Deutsche Telekom, NBC Universal, ITV, Globo, Hallmark, Bloomberg and Tata Play – to inspire and entertain people across the world.

Accedo was founded in 2004 and our 600+ employees are constantly innovating so that our clients can bring the future of video-centric experiences to hundreds of millions of users on a global scale. We support businesses at every stage of the video journey, from strategy and design through to delivery, maintenance,

and post-launch optimization. Accedo is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and has an additional 14 offices spread across all corners of the world.







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