Riedel’s Simplylive Production Suite Empowers Lafayette College to Live Stream High-Quality Sports Broadcasts Simultaneously

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Photo Caption: Intuitive touch-screen interface simplifies production and staff training at Lafayette College.

WUPPERTAL, Germany — April 13, 2024 — Riedel Communications announced that Lafayette College, a liberal arts college in eastern Pennsylvania and one of 10 core members in the Patriot League, is using Riedel’s Simplylive Production Suite (SLPS) to deliver simultaneous high-quality live broadcasts of its sporting events. By integrating the Riedel solution, the college’s sports network has achieved a new level of flexibility and efficiency, enabling students to streamline production workflows and deliver professional-grade broadcasts that will adapt to changing viewer preferences.

“We have a true partner in Riedel. Their staff has been instrumental to our success, and the capabilities they have provided us with have exceeded our expectations,” said Scott Morse, Assistant Vice President of Communications and Marketing at Lafayette College. “I never would’ve imagined that we’d have a live streaming control room that could connect through our campus network to any location on campus. The satisfaction we’ve had with Riedel’s equipment was absolutely noticeable from the onset and will continue to be throughout our relationship.”

Established in 1997, the Lafayette Sports Network (LSN-TV) has been recognized by Broadcast & Cable Magazine as one of the best college- or university-owned networks nationally, with a national viewership exceeding 90 million through its partnership networks. As a host to 23 Division I sports, LSN-TV delivers over 35 live television broadcasts and 80 additional live streaming productions annually. However, with the rise of live streaming, LSN-TV recognized the need to expand its capabilities to meet the growing demands of its audience. Riedel’s live video production solutions proved instrumental in surpassing the quality control expectations that come with transitioning to major streaming services, allowing the network to showcase the institution like never before.

Thanks to its intuitive touch-screen interface, the Simplylive Production Suite has simplified production and staff training, allowing students to learn how to run professional-quality productions within a single game. With a core team of at least six positions, including camera operators, replay operators, and graphics operators, the college has been able to produce exceptional broadcasts with minimal training. Even students with little to no experience — both in their classes and on the network — have quickly become proficient in operating the system, ensuring a seamless production process.

An additional SLPS All-In-One system running on a portable V Mini server has further expanded LSN-TV’s capabilities without taking up excessive space. The system’s compact size has allowed the college to set up its live streaming equipment in various locations to cover a wide range of sports and ensure that no game goes unnoticed. Where LSN-TV had only been able to produce and distribute one game at a time through the central control room, the combined solutions have allowed the college to broadcast concurrent events simultaneously and provide coverage for all its sports teams.

“Lafayette’s success story is a testament to the seamless integration and exceptional performance of our technology, underscoring its ability to empower educational institutions with state-of-the-art tools that simplify production, facilitate training, and elevate the overall quality of live broadcasts,” said Greg Macchia, Vice President, Business Development Live Production, Riedel Communications. “We look forward to continuing our partnership and supporting Lafayette College in delivering even more live broadcasts of their sporting events.”

Further information about Riedel and the company’s products is available at www.riedel.net.

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