New Chyron Weather 2.0 Simplifies and Accelerates Data-Driven Weather Visualization From End to End

MELVILLE, N.Y. — Oct. 24, 2023 — Chyron today introduced the new Chyron Weather 2.0 platform, which leverages more than 20 years of industry expertise and innovations derived from two successful acquisitions to simplify data-driven weather visualization from end to end. Chyron Weather provides visually rich map-based graphics, custom forecast elements, dynamic global analysis, and realistic 3D panoramas, with exceptionally intuitive graphic design and live presentation. In addition, the platform offers new features including an elegant dark-look UI, CAMIO newsroom integration, secure data retrieval, and support for the latest Windows versions.

“Chyron Weather 2.0 provides a complete, easy-to-use toolset to tell the weather story. Specialized tools support every aspect of setting up data flows and connectivity, graphic design, on-air presentation, real-time playout, and render management,” said Michael Harter, weather product manager at Chyron. “Smart custom-created elements enable the user to focus on the weather program with maximum flexibility and efficiency while still covering the basics. Fully data-driven high-end weather graphics ensure that the latest forecast can get to air in an instant. With intuitive interfaces even new users can start building engaging weather presentations in no time.”

A true data-provider-agnostic platform, Chyron Weather 2.0 facilitates the creation of rich weather visualizations from any unique stack of public meteorological data sources or private weather data providers — utilizing powerful visual scripting tools to shape them as needed to suit specific presentation requirements. Accessible design tools make it easy to customize the look of weather visualizations or create dynamic custom forecast graphics/charts based on select data. With a central hub for managing real-time playout and rapid rendering across multiple servers, Chyron Weather intelligently delivers content across on-air, web, and social media channels through simple automated workflows.

Chyron Weather’s Presenter interface is also embracing the Chyron dark look and user experience, thus bringing more cohesiveness and alignment with the Chyron portfolio. The straightforward building-block interface gives users simple, recognizable tools for preparing and presenting live to air. After dragging and dropping various scene types into the playlist interface, users can assemble a show and use a timeline-based editor to apply keyframe custom animations and forecast effects over weather graphics with precision. Finally, users can take the show live on-air with predictable trigger control or automated playout timing.

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The Weather Presenter interface enables rapid assembly of weather forecasts combining graphic templates, custom illustrations, and third-party content.

Integration of Chyron Weather 2.0 with Chyron’s MOS-connected CAMIO newsroom graphics management solution enables a straightforward workflow for managing and introducing weather content into day-to-day news programming. From their familiar newsroom computer system (NRCS), a journalist or producer can access a full library of their station’s unique weather graphics templates, select regions of interest, customize forecast displays, get a preview of the asset, and add the data-powered graphic to their show rundown. When it’s time to go on-air, Chyron Weather generates the requested graphic and delivers it for playout. Driving customizable weather content from the newsroom is a great way to enhance day-to-day news programs with important meteorological insights.

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Chyron Weather fulfills map-based weather visualizations, custom forecast graphics, interactive global analysis, and lifelike 3D panoramas from a single platform.

Chyron Weather 2.0’s support for Secure File Transfer Protocol (sFTP) ensures access and retrieval of connected meteorological data within the Chyron Weather Platform — through encrypted communications and server-client authentication. In addition, a new API-request node functionality provides the opportunity for customers to pull data sets into their production directly from weather data provider APIs.

Further information on Chyron Weather and the company’s live production solutions is available on the Chyron website:

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Chyron Weather provides an end-to-end platform for weather data connectivity, graphic design, on-air forecasting, and workflow automation.